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Empowering people living with Type1

The Mission of the Type 1 Foundation is to create a community that would support, connect and empower all people living with Type 1 Diabetes and their families.


Type 1 Foundation Gala Dinner

On Saturday 26 October 2019 at 6:30pm


258 Pakington Street, Geelong West, Vic 3218


This is our most favourite family event and one not to be missed!

Sunday 24 November 10-5

Free entry for T1F Members



The Type 1 Foundation supports individuals and families living with Type 1 Diabetes



To create a world that understands the impact of type 1 diabetes on the individuals and their families.





Our Impact




Thousand Dollars Raised

From humble beginnings the Type1 Foundation has raised over $100,000 in the past 4 year to support people living with Type1 Diabetes. As a volunteer run organisation the Type1 Foundation has managed to keep administration costs to a minimum with over 95% of funds raised going directly to supporting families.



Years Supporting the community

The Type1 Foundation was founded in 2015 by Ange and Leif McCaughley after their eldest daughter Lila was diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes. They realised their was no support for the “right here right now”. With a mission to connect, support and make the community aware of Type1 Diabetes.



Thousand people Impacted

The Type1 Foundation has touched the lives of thousands living with Type1 Diabetes around Australia and the world. T1F strives to support and connect families through their many family friendly events. Education seminars, cooking classes and online support groups allow people living with Type1 the opportunity to be better prepared. The Type1 Running Group creates awareness campaigns around Australia and the world by competing in running events and raising funds for Type1 Diabetes.

Real Member Stories


Our Events

Our family support events are infamous and are increasingly growing in popularity with families. They are aimed to connect families from all over living with Type1 Diabetes. It’s a time to come together as a group and take time out in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Type1 Mums Dinners


Our Type1 Mum’s Dinners are now National. Find a Type1 Mums Dinner near you. These incredibly popular dinners are a relaxed evening full of laughs, stories and understanding. They are important in connecting all mums living with Type1 Diabetes themselves or a parenting a child with it.


Annual rip curl family surf event


The Annual Family Surf Event is proudly sponsored by Rip Curl and Go Ride a Wave. It is held every summer in and around Torquay, Vic. It’s an awesome way for kids and adults of all ages to come to together and go surfing in a safe and friendly environment. Every person who attends receives a surf lesson by a trained professional from local surf school Go Ride A Wave.

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October 2018

“The needles are no big thing. The hard part is the constant high-stakes judgement calls ”

Type 1 Parent



*NEW* Annual Membership

Type 1 Diabetes Foundation Australia.

Our Mission at the Type1 Foundation is to support and connect all families living with Type 1 Diabetes. In order to do this we are dedicated to ensuring that all our families receive the right support and a multitude of avenues to connect with one another.

The Type1 Foundation Annual Membership is a program where all families can have access to our yearly events, seminars, and activities. The focus is on the whole family and their experiences at our events. Here at the Type1 Foundation we understand how difficult it is to live with a child with Type1 Diabetes and sometimes the task of just getting the whole family out of the house is a mission in itself. We are passionately dedicated to ensuring that when a family makes the decision to attend one of our many events on offer, they receive nothing but the best support and opportunities to connect in with other families going through similar experiences.

For just $49 per year you can have access to a whole new world of understanding and connection…

Membership - now AVAILABLE


Sign Up For an event

Our events are all year round. For the whole family, siblings, children and Mums….

Volunteer opportunities

Do you have a passion or talent that you would love share with us and help change peoples lives? We are always on the lookout for new volunteers….

Make a Donation

Every single dollar goes back to supporting more people living with Type 1 Diabetes…..


Type 1 Diabetes in Schools


Latest T1F Merchandise & Offers

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T1F Foundation Ring

Melbourne designed and made. Our T1F Sterling Silver Ring, perfect for those who like to wear fine and discreet jewellery. Very popular with the Teenage girls.

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A black hoodie featuring the Type1 Foundation logo printed on centre front and back.

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T1F Keep Kup is the ultimate groovy accessory this summer! Help us raise awareness with your very own funky T1F Keep Kup! Cheers!


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