Type 1 Kids Diabetes Camp September 2019 - Wrap Up

There was so much fun for our Type1 kids at Kids Diabetes Camp 2019. Kids enjoyed surfing, camp fire cooking, whip cracking lessons and even a circus themed dress up disco.

We were also able to incorporate our Type1 parents Mental Health Self Care Session with Ange Liston-McCaughley and Mental Health professional Sian Pritchard.

34 Type1 families made their way down for Anglesea for the Kids Diabetes Camp. We were so excited for a weekend of fun, Disco, Surfing, Rock Climbing, and loads more surprises.

A huge thank you to all our sponsors and donors who have made this event possible for all our kids and parents. We have so many goodies for our deserving Type1 families.

A big thanks to Hypoactive, Go Ride A Wave, Rip Curl Australia, Medtronic, AMSL, Cachia, Fairy Magic, Tan Off.

Being a parent of a T1D is the most hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. Feeling so alone when family and friends don’t truly understand what we go through day in and out.

Going on the camp with my daughter has been extremely beneficial for both of us. She has been able to meet kids that are exactly like her and it has shown her that she’s not alone. It allowed myself to meet other parents and to be able to talk about everything with people who actually understand how hard it can be.

We both learnt a lot and met so many amazing people. We can’t wait to attend more camps in the future. Thanks
— T1F Member
On the weekend of the 6th-8th of September my 5yo daughter April & I attended our first Diabetes Camp which we were invited to attend by The Type 1 Foundation. We have been an active member of this foundation for almost 2 years now & to attend our first camp with them was amazing!

We made some amazing friendships & connections with other families who are in the same shoes as us - they got it! They knew how we were feeling & exactly what we go through; Which in everyday life, surrounded by even our families & friends, as much as they try, they don’t get it & that’s hard.

After going to this camp & making lasting friendships for both April & I, we are both hoping these camps continue so we can continue grow these connections & gain even more.

We are so grateful for this experience that was given to us!
— T1F Member
As a parent and father of a type 1, It’s impossible to list all the benefits of attending Type 1 camp with my child. Foremost in my mind, is meeting other families who live with type 1. To meet other parents who fight the battle of type 1 every day is a huge relief- there is nothing quite like speaking with someone who truly gets your ‘normal’. On the flip side spending time with other children normalises T1 for my son and I witnessed him being more comfortable and confident within himself and his management skills. On camp we got to do some amazing activities, attend information sessions and received invaluable advice and guidance. Camp gave me the opportunity to create lifelong memories with my son and we’re both looking forward to next time.
— T1F Member
CampAnge Mccaughley