T1F Donation Appeal 2019

Meet brave little August (Augie), she was recently diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes; she just had a birthday and turned the big 3. 

Augie lives in Melbourne and spent a week in the Monash Children's Hospital learning about her new life with Type1 Diabetes.
Augie didn't get a day off Type1 on her birthday and will spend a lifetime doing multiple daily insulin injections, continuous blood glucose monitoring, all whilst carb counting everything she eats.


Augie's Mum Kara tells us " It's so sad that we still need to inject her on her special day, you never get a day off"

"Type1 Diabetes is a chronic, lifelong disease, and it's relentless and consuming. Sadly, amongst the families we support, the most common age to be diagnosed is 2. It's also very difficult to diagnose in a young child at this age, as they often can't explain the common symptoms. Parent's need so much understanding and support, as a diagnosis is a traumatic experience" - Ange Liston-McCaughley, Founder and CEO

Your Donation to the Type1 Foundation End of Financial Year appeal will ensure the continuance of the Foundation's vital work creating support for kids like little Augie. It will help connect her family into social networks with others also living with Type1 Diabetes. Our Foundation relies on generous donations from the community and receives no funding from any other organisations..

There are many ways you can help us make a difference and support our Foundation:

  • Sponsor a child to attend T1F Kids Diabetes Surf Camp, Anglesea 2019 = $300

  • Sponsor a T1F Care Package for a newly diagnosed child in hospital = $180

  • Sponsor a family in need Insulin and supplies for 1 whole year $200

  • Sponsor a family to attend a family event = $200

  • Sponsor an Adult Continuous Glucose Monitoring for 3 months $600

Thank you for supporting our cause


Ange Mccaughley