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This is Williams Journey...

William turned 2 yrs old in May. Around mid-June he started drinking a lot more than usual, we thought nothing of it because we had at the same time started warming up his drinks in the hope he would drink more, as he was not big on drinking his milk and water beforehand. A couple of weeks later he was urinating a lot more, he would fill and leak a nappy within 2 hrs of changing him.

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Harvey's Story

Prior to the 21/01/19, diabetes was a thing that never really crossed my mind. My husband and I always ate healthy and were bringing our 3 children up the same way. We are both active and our children are following in our footsteps. Diabetes only happened to old people or those that ate too much sugar and were unfit, right?

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What it's really like being diagnosed in your mid twenties..

In my experience being diagnosed later in life can cause a mixture of emotions on the individual, some people are quite matter of fact about the diagnosis and steps that need to be taken to manage their diabetes whilst other's can find the life change quite daunting, inconvenient and challenging. When people have families already, getting Type1 diabetes later in life can often add financial stress to the household expenditure." -Jessica O'Shannassy Diabetes Educator.

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