Running a Marathon with Type1 Diabetes...

Up until 2 years ago, I would never have thought a 25 year girl with Type1 Diabetes could actually run a full marathon. It was one of those things that I said I “might do”, “one day I will try it”. ! But on July 1st 2018, and on the 40th anniversary of the Gold Coast Marathon, and I’ll be there, with bells on, and in a tutu!!! -Janine LEVERSAGE, 25 from Melbourne.


I will also be running it with my Medtronic 640g Insulin Pump attached on one hip and a Medtronic CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor ) on the other. The CGM will monitor my blood glucose levels throughout the 42.2k distance. I am hoping it will predict a hypo from happening during the run, help me monitor the spike in levels due to adrenaline and excitement of the crowds as I run past. Most importantly help me understand how my levels are affected in the aftermath..


When I chose to run the Gold Coast, I picked the course purely for its unrivaled flatness in an Australia marathon. Recently, while I was jogging along the bay on one of my many training runs some things became super clear to me. Firstly, I’m an average runner, and I’m totally okay with that. I enjoy starting a fun run in the middle or the back of the pack these days, rather than stressing to have a toe on the line. Secondly, running makes me really happy. It clears my mind and I enjoy feeling in control of my body. For the time I am out there, I can let go of other life stresses or issues. I feel it makes me mentally fitter. And finally, I have a purpose. My purpose is to run for those who can’t or won’t, especially with Type1 diabetes. I have seen and heard of a lot of young kids with Type1 diabetes who don’t participate in sport because of the effect it has on their blood sugar levels. This makes me sad, and I want to change it!. Thanks to my family and diabetes support network, we never let Type1 diabetes get in the way of being an elite sports person as a youngster. So, although I can no longer perform at that same level anymore, I now like to push boundaries and show others what can be done if you are willing and able to work at it....

I told myself that I would actually train for the Gold Coast Marathon, unlike many of my other runs. I found a great 16 week training plan. I had already built some solid background fitness prior to starting, building up the core is so important for running and to prevent injuries.

So now, here we are with less than 3 weeks to go and I feel excited and ready to do this...

This event for me is about crossing the finish line, hopefully with a smile on my face. I don’t run to win or even for a good time anymore. I run with what I think is a greater purpose. I run for Type1 Diabetes, with Diabetes. I run because I love to run and I run with  meaning,  to show others that anything is possible and not impossible when living with a chronic disease. I plan to run this Marathon responsibly, stopping frequently to check my Bg levels, treat accordingly and keep shuffling along. I will be running with the support of Medtronic and for the Type 1 Foundation, a wonderful charity that advocates for the care of children living with Type 1.  I will be running with the founder of this charity, Ange, an inspiring supermum, and we are on a mission. 

My goal is to fundraise for this charity through my fundraising page.

Watch out Gold Coast. We are coming for you! 

Ange Mccaughley