We understand just how much families need to feel supported by each other and one of the ways we do that is by hosting a variety of family friendly events. 

A growing favourite amongst our community is our Type1 Mum's Dinner. These are held every second month at various restaurants around the Geelong/Surf Coast Region. They are a wonderful opportunity to relax and enjoy a nice meal and feel understood in a safe environment by other mums' who "get it". Many mum's travel from far and wide to feel a part of a special group. This is a unique place to share advice, have a laugh or a cry and give each other much needed first hand advice. There are often giveaways and Hypokits are taken home to help make life a touch easier.

Last Thursday a group of mum's gathered at Centra Geelong for a delicious meal and quiet drink or 2. Join us for our next event. To find out more about our events contact us.