We are so proud to announce our partnership with the Australian Paediatric Society (www.auspaediatrics.com.au) the peak Australian professional body for regional paediatric diabetes care, in providing the first e-learning courses for schools and childcare providers which was launched on the 4th of November, 2017.

The program and website were initiated by our Foundation in response to the lack of accessible, flexible, transparent, evidence based education available to Australian school staff who support and take responsibility for students diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It has been funded by public donations and honouring the late Lou Richards (see story here) and we acknowledge the Richards family, the Collingwood Football Club and the Channel 9 Footy Show. 

The e-learning courses aim to provide ready and free access for school staff to international standard education about Type 1 Diabetes (“Type 1”) and assist skill development (but not accredit) of insulin administration throughout Australia. Others, including extended family members and/or friends who may be responsible for care of a child with Type 1, may also benefit from the information within the e-learning courses.

With school starting back soon, please take the time to read our 'Letter to parents of children with Type 1 at school'.

To find out more visit the website at www.t1d.org.au or contact the Type 1 Foundation today.