We would firstly like to acknowledge what an extraordinary man Lou Richards was in both the football world and in everyday life - Lou Richards, may you Rest in Peace.

We are so proud to be bestowed the honour of a donation from Lou Richards and his family to our unyielding cause. We would also like to personally thank the members of the general public for making a donation in memory of such a great individual.

Without donated funds, we cannot continue to help young people with Type 1 Diabetes to understand, accept and therefore properly manage their condition.

Our mission is to help support families by funding Diabetes camps, funding life saving technology and to undertake education and awareness campaigns in schools and also the wider community on what Type 1 Diabetes is.

How can you Donate?

You can donate today, by using the options below.

You can post a cheque or money order made out to:

The Type1 Foundation
17 Mitchell Street,
Belmont. Victoria. 3216.

Donations can be made at any Bendigo Bank Branch.

You can electronically transfer money directly to our
account from your bank account to:

The Type1 Foundation
BSB: 633 108
Account Number: 157642935
Reference: Lou Richards Donation


You can donate online to The Type1 Foundation below:

If you would like a receipt for tax purposes, please email thetype1foundation@yahoo.com.au for more information.